About Mark

Mark is the Creative Director at The Social Agent and has been developing and marketing websites since 2002. Located just outside of Perth, Western Australia, he heads up a small team of geniuses with disciplines across Social Media Marketing, Social Media Community Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Website Content Creation.

What Your Clients Are Looking For And How We Can Help

A migration agent emailed me a question the other day. The question was on the lines of: “What can you do to help me secure more clients looking to engage my services? “ It's a bloody good question and we've had similar questions along similar lines in the past. The answer could be an extremely long and convoluted one, however there are some core principles that sit across what we do. We will attempt to explain these within todays blog entry. Running online businesses for nearly 15 years and running a number of websites that relate specifically to the Australian migration industry

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How To Increase Your Customer Base By Giving Stuff Away For Free

One of the key underlying principles to consider when marketing your services is that whatever service you are offering has to address a problem. When you have something that addresses somebody’s problem you create a product or service that somebody desires. When somebody desires your services, it’s much more easy to market to them and they are much more likely to pay you for your services in the future. Part of the challenge of any business owner is getting people to look at the services you have to offer in the first place. One of the ways you can do this is

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How The Images On Your Website Could Be Hurting Your Business

Although almost every website you visit online will utilise images to some extent. Many website owners give little consideration to image SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the impact this may have on their business. As a website owner, you may choose to use images to help with navigation, help consumers better understand the products or services you're offering, or simply to help make the website appear more aesthetically pleasing. Did you know though that NOT optimizing the images correctly on your website could actually be hurting your business by making it harder for your potential customers to find you online? You see,

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Create Great Website Content Whilst Walking Your Dog

Although this may be stating the obvious, as someone who may be trying to attract people to their websites by marketing their content, it obviously helps if you have content you can market in the first place. One of the challenges associated with this is often having the time to sit down and write creative content that somebody might find interesting. Although I've been designing and building websites for over 10 years, launching The Social Agent Website in early 2016 meant that I found myself in a position where I had a brand new website with very little content. My

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