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Social Media Marketing ServicesAttract new clients on social media

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you have never advertised on social media before.

It may be because you’ve simply never got around to it or it may be because you feel a little more comfortable with the types of publications you can physically feel.

This is completely understandable. Migration agents have been advertising their services in magazines and other publications for many many years.

We’d like to open your eyes to the opportunities associated with advertising on Social Media though!

You see, the Internet and social media have changed the advertising landscape forever. No longer do you need to be reliant on a potential client purchasing a magazine targeted at people wanting to move to Australia. You can now utilise social media to actively track these people down.

One of the main benefits of website such as Facebook is that they spend millions of dollars developing ways to collect information from the people who use their services. This means as someone offering migration related services, you can utilise this information to help you identify and reach out to potential clients who may be interested in paying you for your services.

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Grow Your Business?

Social media is an excellent way to spread your message and grow your business and a key part of any inbound marketing strategy and we are here to help you develop a professional social media marketing plan is to ensure your success.

These days almost every industry is being affected in some way by the power of social networks and the virility of online communication.

At The Social Agent, we have used social media marketing to grow our online businesses for many years.

We encourage the use of social media where appropriate and have numerous clients who rely on us to provide them with the expertise required to successfully integrate social media into a comprehensive online strategy.

We believe that social media marketing, when used as part of a holistic online marketing strategy, can be an extremely powerful way to amplify your message and engage core audiences. It is also becoming an increasingly important part of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Use social media to attract new clients!

Our content marketing strategists and in-house social media team will help you develop an active presence on the social media platforms that best suit your business.

We’ll find ways to enhance your existing profiles and help you work targeted pieces of content across your social network to attract new clients.

We can supplement this process by including the use of paid and sponsored promotion tactics across motiple social medial platforms.

By combining our abilities to run strategy and deliver content we can help you increase your social footprint. As your presence on relevant social media sites grows, you’ll have more and more opportunities to connect with your target customers.

Active social marketing strategies can drive traffic back to your website or blog and they will also support your SEO.

Properly-maintained social media profiles not only rank well in search, they can also have a halo effect for your website’s wider search performance. Done well, social media marketing and search engine optimisation can work together hand-in-hand.

Plan For Social Media Success!

Here at The Social Agent we aspire to work with forward thinking migration agents to help them succeed online.

To help our clients succeed on Social Media we provide a range of Social Media Marketing services.

Our services vary from an ad hoc engagement to more formalised services which may include:

  • An audit of your existing social media assets.
  • Production of a detailed strategic social media plan including a review of your target market and a profile of your ‘perfect client’.
  • Assistance with the initial implementation and account setup / customisation.
  • Production and management of Targeted Marketing campaigns on social media to build leads and attract new clients.
  • Social Media Community Management.
  • A formalised monthly arrangement where we will manage all social media related activities on your companies behalf.

Contact us today to see how you can benefit from using our Social Media Marketing Services