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Mark Butterworth Social AgentWell hello there!

The Social Agent is a small media agency based in the ‘foothills’ of Perth, Western Australia. As the creative director here at The Social Agent I’d like to thank you for visiting our home on the internet

My name Mark and I’m the guy in the picture. To be honest you’ll normally find me wearing slightly more casual attire however as this may be our first meeting, I thought a picture of me wearing my ‘I Love Sloths T-Shirt’ might not be the best idea.

Either way, it’s very nice to meet you! 🙂

Online development and marketing

I’ve been developing and marketing websites since 2002, a whole two years before the birth of Facebook and four years before the conception of Twitter.

My interest in Australian Migration began in early 2003 when a family relative moved from the UK to Australia to work as a chef. This interest developed into an aspiration to move down under myself and after much time and effort, my family were fortunate enough to secure our own PR Visa’s in late 2006.

In Early 2006, I developed and launched the website Getting Down Under. This website originated as an online Weblog (blog) to chronicle my own journey down under. Over the years I expanded the focus of the site to more general immigration advice, news and resources. In early 2015, I launched my second immigration related website,  457 Jobs Australia, an online job board targeted at jobseekers looking to secure a role offering 457 sponsorship.

Through the content I created, my websites, the Twitter Account for Getting Down Under and the Facebook Page for 457 Jobs Australia quickly acquired thousands of interested visitors and followers looking to make the move to Australia. A significant number of these followers reached out to me to ask for help, many of whom offered to pay me for my services.

Frustratingly I was stuck, although my websites provided general advice I didn’t have the appropriate qualifications (or registrations) to provide formal paid advice.Net result being that I had to turn away what could have been paying customers.

The social shortcomings of migration agents online

I didn’t understand why so many people needed help. That was until I started to dig a little deeper into the online presence of migration service providers.

Over a number of months I reviewed the online presence of over 100 migration agents websites and in doing so I noticed the following trends:

  • Very few migration agents have an effective website containing useful information that is Search Engine Optimised, an important factor that enables potential clients to find them easily online.
  • Fewer migration companies have a strong social media presence to help them connect with their customers online.
  • Where a social media presence did exist, the companies were not effectively leveraging the platform as a means to secure new businesses.

Launching The Social Agent

I launched ‘The Social Agent’ to try and help migration agents address these shortcomings. Our service offering helps registered migration agents succeed in winning new business via the online channels available to them. We can help you tap into a huge pool of potential customers looking for help making the move to Australia.

The team at the Social Agent now consists of myself as the creative director/people connector heading up a small team of SEO experts, content writers and social media specialists.

With over 14 years experience building online businesses and making connections online, we are here to help you tap into the power of the internet, helping you secure more clients than you would have ever thought possible.

Click Here to learn a little more about what we do.

Let’s Get Connected

It would be a little rude of us if we didn’t invite you to connect with us via social media. When we’re not doing awesome stuff for our clients we’re posting advice, tips and other interesting snippets to help you get the best from the world’s largest online marketplace. Take a second to connect with us on our own social media channels and don’t forget to say hi!

Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.

Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.

Interested to work with us so we can help you grow your client base?